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Our destiny is simple and clear: To unite the people under the rule of we chosen elite.
Our methods are many.  Our influence is great.
Join us and wield your share of power over the masses.

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws."
-Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Greetings and Welcome!  Please register with your Europe 1400 game surname so that you can be identified.
You can configure your profile later to include your full character name(s).

The common purpose here is to provide a place where we can freely socialize and also discuss any issues that may arise regarding the game or clan policies and relations.  Please refrain from posting guild-sensitive information in the General Discussion area.  If you are currently a Rothschild member or ally, you will be given access to the members only section.

Also, hopefully the chat function will allow us to communicate in almost real-time which could prove very useful in elections.

Registration on this site is a requirement for continued membership in Rothschild.
Guild News

Winter Update Version GF_2010_11_25_1319

Naminjeya, Dec 8, 10 2:39 PM.
Dear Community,

As the winter holidays are approaching, the Europe 1400 Team has been working on a small present for you - a small winter update.
The update will be live at some point during the 6th of december (I will edit this post and add the exact time later on).

The Europe 1400 Team wishes you a wonderful winter!



  • With this version, player's action points will be filled to the max (not including players in vacation mode)
  • Two new christmas-themed avatars available
  • We added official techtrees for the workshops:
    • They can be found in the handbook
    • There is a link to the techtrees in the 'Extend Workshop' and 'Build Workshop' windows.
Bug Fixes:
  • Quests: A bug regarding missing feedback messages for duels has been fixed.
  • Quests: Quests which do not cost gold can now also be accepted when the player has less than 0 gold.

Letter from the Developers

Naminjeya, Oct 25, 10 11:17 PM.
Dear Europe 1400 Players,
We developers would like to once again give you an update on the work we are currently doing on Europe 1400. We have been reading your detailed feedback on our major 'Adventurer' update and are still sorting through the praise, criticism, suggestions, ideas, and questions you've sent us. We are also working very closely with Atreiya to address all the issues you've raised.

  • By popular demand, we have increased the income of action points (AP). Now you will receive 1 AP per hour, as well as the 1 AP at the end of a round per residence level and an additional 3 AP.
  • Because the mission cooldown time was too long on the test server, we have reduced it from 8 hours to 4 hours.
  • On the production screen, we've clearly separated the 'complete production' option from 'start', 'change' and 'cancel'.
'Adventurer' Update

We were not able to anticipate the effects that the missions would have on the live servers, particularly the turbulence in the highscore rankings. We would like to sincerely apologize for this. Our main purpose for the missions was and still is to provide you with new goals, opportunities for action, and the chance to make interesting decisions.

We've carried out a Hotfix based on your feedback:
  • The amount and duration of mission bonuses (buffs) has been reduced. However, it will take a few days after the Hotfix is installed before the numerous mission users' values are normalized, since bonuses already awarded are not affected by the change, but have to expire first.
  • The points and Gold rewards for duel missions have been reduced. The high mission bonuses resulted in mission users' not feeling particularly challenged.
  • Points calculation has been adjusted.
    • Because the high-value mission bonuses were so huge, we have reduced the reputation and talent bonus points. Permanent reputation points and permanent talent values have remained untouched.
    • Because we could not reduce the mission points, we have increased the points for offices and titles. So even though the mission points have not been reduced, they now carry less weight - they will still cause major point increases, but higher offices and higher titles will effectively balance everything out.
We hope you understand that while we are considering further, and certainly necessary measures, it will take some time before we can implement all the changes we would like to make. In particular, we need time to properly consider how the points calculation system may need to be adjusted.
  • As a general rule, we cannot delete or reduce any mission points acquired by a player, since it would not be possible to reimburse the player's action points.
  • So the only way we can reduce the relative proportion of mission points in the player's total point total is to increase the points earned from other achievements.
We will keep an eye on the effects of our latest changes, and if necessary we will make further adjustments in the way of mission rewards and points calculation. We are also thinking about implementing your suggestion that AP costs be increased during the running cooldown time, like they are with all other actions.

Upcoming version

Extensive testing always results in a major time difference between the completion of a new version and its launch. We have almost finished working on the new version, so we will be able to begin testing it shortly. This update will incorporate your feedback and requests, which also concern some of the current problems:
  • Punch-up as a weaker version of duel has been adjusted.
    • No more lag
    • Cooldown time increased to 12 hours
    • Success now depends on the combat value of the attacker and of the target
    • AP yield depends on the opponent's combat value
    • If the target wins, he takes AP from the attacker
Our aim was and still is to maintain a certain level of fairness between players whether they purchase Jewels or not, even though we do have to attach certain advantages to Jewels. This is the basic concept behind the action points (AP), which cannot be bought or sold. Even if the revised duel isn't popular with all players, we have the impression that this type is more in line with the basic concept of fairness than the old punch-ups were. By massively escalating combat, players were able to rob additional action points with the help of Jewels. This change should also lead to a more well-balanced use of missions, since they also cost actions points.
  • Moving
    • Cooldown time reduced to 3 months
    • Cooldown time bribery costs reduced to 25 Jewels
    • Limited only to cities with at least one active player (no moving to free villages)
This should solve the problem of cities being too small, too large, to difficult, or too easy. We will have to observe just how well population growth regulates itself.
  • Gathering resources
    • Random element removed
    • Yield increased to at least 30
    • Yield increased to 100 resources with trade level 3 and craft at 100
    • Yield limited to a maximum of 300
This change is supposed to provide you with a practical opportunity to get enough resources should the market ever be empty. We are aware of the problem of minimum supplies of resources at the market. Nevertheless, we do not want to make the interaction between market and resources superfluous as a game element by offering endless amounts of resources (which we do at the moment, as long as a player is willing to tolerate non-stop clicking). On the other hand, we want to eliminate the guaranteed minimum only if we can offer you a suitable alternative to resources from the market.

As a basic principle, the market should cover the the player's resource needs. The system checks how many resources are purchased on a daily basis and adds enough resources every three hours to cover demand. Even if no one buys them, the system will fill the market with a basic supply of resources.
  • State offices:
    • Gold application costs increased
    • Point value increased
We have decided to make offices progressively more relevant the higher one goes, in terms of both Gold and point values. This applies not just to the relative importance of the various levels of office, but also to the difference between city and state offices.
  • You will now always receive office income immediately after winning the election, instead of before the next election.
After taking your feedback into account, we realize that players expect an immediate reward for success and that a reward coming at the end of a term in office is hardly even noticed.

  • Permanent office points as part of office income
  • The higher the office, the more permanent office points.
  • Office details expanded to include points income
    • Tooltip in office overview
    • Office details when applying
Here we see the opportunity to reward players permanently for successful elections.
  • Elections: Influence of election donations reduced

Large construction sites

Of course we haven’t forgotten your previous requests and suggestions about the live operation. Here is a brief sample of our current update plans, but please keep in mind that we can only implement them in a larger time frame, as we are working simultaneously on bug fixes and other small adjustments:
  • More long-term game objectives:
    • New achievements
      • To do this, we have to expand our system, which at this only allows us to reward players for current status or property
      • This will also solve certain problems, like players not receiving office achievements if they are not online during their tenure in office, for example
    • New offices, including kingdom offices.
  • New guild features, for example:
    • A guild bulletin board
    • A guild treasury to pay for guild activities and expansion of the guild
  • A comprehensive highscore screen with several categories, including guild highscore rankings

  • We plan on integrating the tutorial into the game itself

Also by popular demand:
  • A chat feature
  • An improved messaging system with folders and an outbox
  • Improved player-to-player trade
  • Trade between cities
  • More storage capacity and saleroom capacity
  • New, long-term economic and trade opportunities
  • New, even longer-term game objectives and content
All of these things and more are still on our minds.

We also see the necessity to:
  • Rework the court system, especially the penalties, and
  • Revise artifact actions.

Difficult Issues

We really appreciate all of your feedback and we look forward to implementing many of your suggestions, but some things do require a bit of an explanation on our part. Our vision for Europe 1400 is to offer you an attractive game with a believable atmosphere, abundant opportunities to take, and interesting decisions to make.

For us, this involves the tactical and strategic balancing of features in the game, and this is where action points come into play. The system only works when action points are somewhat scarce - that is, not enough for players to focus on increasing skills, running for office, competing with other players, completing missions, using artifacts and exercising privileges all at once. Players have to spend their action points wisely and make prudent decisions in their gaming strategy. However, we do take your request for more action points quite seriously, and that's why we've recently increased AP. We are especially interested in your ideas about aligning these AP increases with your achievements. Please give us some time in this regard, and continue to give us your feedback in the forum. This will help us to eventually incorporate a well-balanced AP income system that will maximize your gaming pleasure.

The way we see it, a permanent reputation of 100 should not be so easy to achieve and maintain. We recently introduced the regular loss of reputation based on a probability factor. This probability factor rises as your reputation rises (without bonuses) and sinks with higher titles and residence levels. The effect we have been able to create is that new players with little reputation lose nothing, while more advanced players really have to struggle to keep their reputations up. Your feedback, however, has made us aware that we really have to reconsider the exact probability factor for advanced players, as well as the increase in base reputation though actions and artifacts.

We are also interested in having a market where quantities and prices fluctuate, based as much as possible on actual supply and demand. When we see overstocked markets but also empty ones here and there, that makes sense to us. We are constantly trying to improve the market system to make it more realistic, but we also want to offer you alternative opportunities to acquire resources if you keep coming away from the markets empty-handed.

Thank you very much for your participation in Europe 1400 for almost one whole year now. We also want to thank you for your abundant feedback, suggestions, and criticism. All of this motivates us to continue developing Europe 1400 so that you'll enjoy it even more.

NEW information has been added to the Resources Section

Naminjeya, Oct 21, 10 2:31 AM.
MORE NEW information has been added to the Resources Library:
  • Guide to Court Cases
  • Lawmaking Permissions
Check it out!

New Content in the Resources Section

Naminjeya, Oct 18, 10 3:49 PM.
NEW information has been added to the Resources Library:
  • Complete Item List + Effects & Duration
  • A Guide to Reputation
  • Tech Trees for All Trades
Check it out!

October 12th Version Update

Naminjeya, Oct 18, 10 2:12 PM.

October 12, 2010

The Adventurer – Version GF_2010_09_13_1409

Missions added

o Players can now find missions in the Craftsmen’s Quarter, Pub Quarter, Scholars’ Quarter, Crooks’ Quarter and the Forest
o Each mission expires after a set time.
o There is a cooldown time between working on missions, but this can be ‘bribed’ with a Jewel.
o Missions cost action points.
o Missions earn you Gold, temporary effects as from artefacts and privileges, or permanent mission points.
o Mission points are added to your total points.
o You can see your current mission in the character profile under the ‘Missions’ tab.

Change avatar picture

o You can now change your character’s picture. A selection of free as well as premium pictures are available.
o Players an also change their gender for the price of an operation fee.

New features

o Offices: On the candidacy screen, the current office holder will from now on be displayed in the uppermost line (even when no one is actively running for office)
o Production screen: the ‘complete’ button will no longer be in the position of the ’start’ button
o City overview: There are now guideposts for the individual quarters on the city map.
o Players will receive 3 additional action points per round (Residence level 1 = 3 Action Points, Residence level 2 = 4 action points, etc)

Error corrections

o Reputation: Errors in calculating random loss of reputation have been corrected.
o Messages: When a subject is too long, it will now be shortened.
o Ranking: You can now search for people within the rankings again.
o Passwords and registration: A problem has been corrected regarding special characters within passwords.
o Carts: A case of carts not arriving has been corrected
o Carts: If carts are ’stolen’ the cost in Jewels will not be listed twice in the account overview
o Court: Opening character profiles from the courthouse was leading to logout in some cases
o Messages: Messages remaining ‘unread’
o Gather resources: Display errors in the dropdown menu have been corrected
o Master spy privilege: When the master spy is used at the same time as normal spies, all espionages are now correctly displayed in the evidence book again
o Guild profile: A display error of the guild leader position in the membership overview has been corrected
o Character profile: A display error that could occur when reputation was at 100 or negatively buffed was been corrected

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